Drupal installation on the web

This tutorial will show how to install Drupal on your web hotel.

Step 1 - Sign up for a web hotel

You need to have a web hotel and domain. This usaly cost about 10 USD each year. I use one.com has my web host provider, but you can select any other host. Make sure that your host can provide:

  • Apche - Web server

  • PHP - Scripting language

  • MySQL or MariaDB - Database

  • SFTP - Secure file transfer to upload or download files from your web server

Step 2 - Download a FTP program

FileZilla is a free FTP program. It enables you to upload files from your computer to the web hotel.

Download FileZilla

Go ahead and install FileZilla.

Step 3 - Download Drupal

We need to download the latest Drupal software from drupal.org. I downloaded drupal-8.3.7.zip.

Extract the zipped folder.

Step 4 - Upload files to your web hotel

Connect to your web hotel with FileZilla FTP Client.

Upload the files you have to your web hotel.

Visit your web hotel site to install it.


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